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Co-creating Sustainable Livelihoods in India:

A Compendium of Best Practices & Project Ideas

India Livelihoods Collective has undertaken numerous initiatives since its inception, providing a collaborative platform for diverse organisations to come together in catalysing the process of achieving livelihoods goals in India. Extending its efforts in this direction, this document provides specially curated 45 livelihoods practices initiated by Corporates, NGOs, Impact Investors, Start-ups, Academia and other enablers in the livelihoods ecosystem. The compendium maps the avenues for collaboration to scale-up and replicate these practices, highlighting the challenges, key learnings, livelihoods outcomes and impact on livelihoods sustainability.


We believe that this compendium will become a valuable resource for the livelihoods enablers in helping exchange of ideas, encouraging co-learning and co-creation. The Collective further plans to periodically release volumes of this compendium, capturing many more credible practices in the domain.

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