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The India Livelihoods Collective's logo is a an artistic visual of the livelihoods milieu in India.

The logo brings together 4 key elements of opportunities, self-reliance, prosperity and collective action addressed by ILC and tries to symbolise it through the language of colours and a simple yet formative design.

  • Open sky of opportunities in India-Blue

  • Regional self-reliance for local economy-Brown

  • Prosperity and dignity-Green

  • Collective Action: The iconography of two coinciding circles embodies collective action, bridging the dichotomy of rural-urban, transforming the livelihoods landscape towards symbiosis and sustainability through connection, collaboration and amplification.

ILC LOGO Icon Only-14-14.png

About India Livelihoods Collective

India Livelihoods Collective is a collaborative platform to bring together India's key players in livelihoods and employability ecosystems. It's a confluence of partners with purpose. A purpose to connect, collaborate and amplify impacts. We are a collective of businesses, CSR foundations, advisory firms, social impact investors, philanthropies, think-tanks, academic institutions, innovators and non-profits. 

Our Vision

Reinforcing rural and urban livelihoods fabric to support communities in their journey towards dignity, prosperity and self-sustainability while leveraging the power of technology and partnerships.

Our Mission

A platform to leverage cross-sectoral expertise of organizations, enable collective action towards creation of sustainable and local livelihood avenues across rural as well as urban areas in India.

When Best of India's Livelihoods Catalysts Come Together







Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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